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Citrus Feast

Other cocktail tools

In addition to the various shakers and strainers, there are a number of essential tools that come in very handy if you want to make delicious cocktails at home. There are certainly more to think of, but here you will find a list of tools that should not be missing from your home bar.


Image by Michael Odelberth

The jigger is the measuring cup with which you measure different sizes on both sides. They come in all shapes and sizes and I know plenty of home bartenders who build entire collections of them. 

The most common measures 30 on one side and 45 or 60 ml on the other. They often also have several lines on the inside to measure smaller quantities. I have several myself, but...this is my favorite from The Collection by Tess Posthumus. On the one hand he has more 45 and 30 ml. On the other hand 30, 20 and 10 ml. 

Measuring the ingredients correctly is really crucial to keep your cocktail balanced. So a good jigger is really a must.

Mexican elbow

This is really the ideal tool to quickly and easily make fresh citrus juices for your cocktails. Very easy to use and also quick to clean.

You can of course also use another citrus press, but believe me none is as quick and easy as this one. I have this hand press in two sizes. A smaller one for lime and lemon and a large version for orange and grapefruit. Definitely recommended to add to your home bar.

Image by Kike Salazar N
Image by Himal Rana

Mixing glass

When you need to stir a cocktail you need a mixing glass. This is a large glass with a spout so that you can easily pour the drink into your glass after stirring.

Mixing glasses also come in all shapes and sizes. Often made of glass, but also metal. Most are large enough to stir two drinks at a time. So if you are in doubt between two models, take the slightly larger one. Always nice when you have guests and you can stir two Negronis at the same time.


This tool is used to muddle the aromas and, for example, oils from fruit or herbs. It looks somewhat like a mortar, but is longer and thinner and coarser at the bottom. Muddler also comes in all shapes and sizes. They are made of wood, steel but also glass. It doesn't matter which one you use. I have a wooden one that I generally use for citrus and herbs and my glass muddler I use for freshly colored fruit such as strawberries and blueberries.

Image by Kike Salazar N


Image by Kike Salazar N

You use the barspoon together with your mixing glass to stir cocktails. The barspoon is also useful for stirring cocktails that you make directly in your glass, such as the Mojito or the Caipirinha. A barspoon also comes in handy when layering. 

Most barspoons measure approximately 5 ml, but there are also ones that measure less. So it is good to pay attention to this when you purchase one.

Fine peeler/zester

A zest (citrus peel) is widely used in making cocktails. Both for garnishing and for zesting. Zesting means squeezing the peel over the cocktail so that the aromas from the peel come into and over the drink. With every sip you smell that wonderful citrus scent. A fine peeler or zester is certainly useful to have in your kitchen drawer. There are fine peelers that make very thin strings. That can be nice for garnishing, but is not very useful for skewers. You need one that produces a thicker, wide skin.

Image by okeykat
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