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About me

As you probably already understood, my name is Claudine. Born and raised in the Netherlands with a Dutch mother and a Sicilian father. After my studies I moved to Italy for love. We have been married for quite a few years now. I lived in Italy for 10 years, in Naples for two years and in Brescia for 8 years. In 2013 we decided to move back to the Netherlands with the family.


What started with a passion for making cocktails grew into a passion for photography. What started as a pastime during the various lockdowns quickly expanded into more. I can fully express my creativity in this (creativity that I thought I never had) and I love sharing this passion with others. Cocktails put a smile on everyone's face and if you can photograph them beautifully, people will be completely happy.

Just as I love good food with good ingredients, I also love good drinks. If the basis is good, so is the result. So here you will find recipes of quality drinks that you can enjoy. Drinks for moderate, conscious drinkers who want to enjoy a good cocktail.

All photos of cocktails you see were taken by myself. Both the drink and the photo.

I once started taking photos of my creations with my iPhone. Just in daylight. Then I bought a camera on Marktplaats (Sony A6000) and my first studio lamp. This was followed by a Sony A7 mark III and I started working with off camera flash. This way I could create details, drops and splash shots even better. Photography is a party!

When it comes to cocktails, I'm a firm believer in "less is more." A small number of good ingredients already provide finitely many possibilities! Most of my recipes have no more than 5 ingredients. I always make my syrups myself and I only use freshly squeezed juices. That really makes a huge difference! Are the recipes difficult to make? No, certainly not, but fresh good ingredients are required. Drinks for moments of enjoyment can be found here.

I hope I can inspire you to try a few recipes and enjoy them as much as I do!

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